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List of available Print versions of Play Dead Murder Mysteries

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Murder Me Always
During a very bad performance of a play, a real murder takes place off stage. The "fake" play comes to a halt and a "real" mystery begins.
Remains To Be Seen
A body is found in a steamer trunk on the back of a "U-Move-It" rental truck. Who is it? Who done it?

Death Near Dead Man's Holler
Nothing much ever happens in the town of Meridosa till now. Gun-slinger Sergio Van Cleef is in town for safe keeping in the jail. All Sheriff John Ford needs to do is keep an eye on him. Simple right? 
Last Call At Chez Mort
 A Night Club in the 1940's is the scene of a bizarre death. Was it an accident or was it murder? Inspector Constantine could pin it on anyone of these mugs. Will he pick the right one?

Death Of A Doornail
Albert Doornale has invited his close friends to his estate. Only problem is,  no one has seen him. Was Albert killed? An investigation will begin, as soon as a body is found.
An Audition For A Murder
 A Theatre  is holding auditions for a Murder Mystery. One of the actors dies. Luckily the playwright has invited a detective to the auditions. Can the case be solved? Can the show be cast?
Irritation To A Murder
A  multi-millionaire is under so much pressure and trouble that he could just die. Well, actually he does. Detective Dashell, has a few ideas. Some of them actually have to do with the murder
A Murder Has Been Renounced
 A couple's car breaks down on a stormy night. A nearby estate offers shelter. The phone lines are down and a necklace is stolen, shots are fired, a guest is strangled. You know, the usual.
To Wake The Dead
Renown Mystery writer Fred Finnegan has died under unusual circumstances and all his friends have gathered at his wake. Was Fred murdered by someone at the wake? Because he is also there and he's dying to find out.
I'm Getting Murdered In the Morning
 During the garter toss at a wedding reception, a guest is shot on the dance floor. The mysterious man has ties to both the Groom and Bride's family.
Talk About A Murder!
 A TV Talk Show is taping a live broadcast. One of the guests turn up dead, live on the air. Can the hosts and guests solve the murder? Will it boost their ratings? Must the Show go on?
A Plot Of Murder
At a neighborhood association meeting  an Elvis impersonator ends up dead in the restroom. Agent McManshon is quick to arrive and conduct an investigation. McManshon knows a lot about this plot of murder, but it's a secret.
A Medley Of Murder Mystery
3 comedy murder mystery plays by Lee Mueller. A collection of earliest play scripts and some of his most popular works that have been produced nationally and internationally.
Another Medley Of Murder Mystery
A selection of 3 moreComedy Murder Mystery Play scripts by Lee Mueller. "Stay As Dead As You Are", "Remains To Be Seen", and "I'm Getting Murdered In the Morning".