Death of A Doornail

Bored with the same old play scripts?

 Why not add some Mystery?

And some laughs?

Play Dead has been putting the "play" back into Murder Mystery since 2000.

Here is your best alternative for theatrical events.  Comedy Murder Mysteries Plays! Whether High School, College, Community theatre, Dinner theatre or even as a Fund Raiser; we help you create memorable moments of Mystery and Laughter in front of your audience.

These are not "party" games but full length theatrical plays. If you are looking for Party Mystery Games Click  here

Our plays are not scenarios for a few actors to make up as they go. Nor do our plays force the audience to participate - whether they want to or not. No sir. No ma'am. No way.

Our plays are actual plays with dialogue, characters and a plot.  Some of our scripts do contain a section of "improvisation" and "audience interaction".  You can adapt some of the scripts with your own "local" references to fit your particular community. (the scripts by Lee Mueller)  

The scripts range from a cast of 8 up to 16 and generally have a running time of 75 mins (or more) and are adaptable for any venue.

All scripts are available for download as pdf upon payment. No waiting for books* to arrive and no extra charges for audience size or amount of scripts needed.
play-dead murder mystery plays

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"Hi - we have been doing your comedy Murder mystery dinner theater plays for 6 years at our school with HUGE success- Our productions sell out within 48 hours that tickets go on sale. Our public LOVES your plays!"
-William Pearce
Purchase Line High School
Commodore PA

"This was our first attempt at any kind of show at the park district. We had 70 people show for dinner and the show, which is more than we had hoped. My boss was so pleased that he wants to do another one in the winter. Thank you for all of your help."
--Dee Hamilton Worth, IL
play-dead murder mystery plays